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This was a 6 hour "Q & A" style event with the start at Mahony Reserve Marickville.


From the Organisers / Course Setters:

Held under threatening skies and the occasional shower, the 2003 Metrogaine was well attended with more than 300 entrants. During the course setting we had been conscious of the dry prevailing conditions and the need to provide shade at the finish. As it turned out, we happily take the credit for breaking the drought in NSW!

One of the benefits of setting a course "in your own back yard" is that you discover many new places that you can and will go back to. Like most rogainers, our record of revisiting attractive rogaining territory is not good. In the Cooks River event, we tried to visit most of the public open space in the area. It is a useful reminder of just how little there is in the inner west and how broken up and dissected by transport arteries it has become.

Thanks go to Oskar and Paula Clarke for vetting, Sema Danis for Admin and Ry Clarke for assisting on the day.

Catering was by Ian Almond and the Mt. Kembla Scout Group. Many thanks guys.

Richard Sage & Nihal Danis

For all information about this event, contact  ...

Graeme Cooper
phone: 02 6772 3584
email:   webmaster@nswrogaining.org


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Who could enter?

Like all NSWRA rogaines, anyone could enter. You had to make up a team of between 2 and 5 people. If you were under 14 years of age on the day of the event you had to have an adult in your team.