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Navigation and Rogaine Skills Workshop

20-21 September 2008

Photographs taken at the workshop by Peter Aubourg and Trevor Gollan

The NSW Rogaining Association held its inaugural Navigation and Rogaine Skills workshop at Rydal (near Lithgow) on September 20-21. The program included:

  • 3 practical navigations sessions in small groups with an instructor (including one at night)
  • targeted sessions on route planning and what to pack and eat when rogaining
  • lots of fun
  • a short rogaine to practice all of the new tricks

The instructors, all experienced rogainers were keen to share their knowledge.

The hash house was at the Rydal Show ground

Entry numbers were capped at 50 to ensure a low participant to instructor ratio and to provide a flexible format.

If you would like to attend a possible future workshop or volunteer to help at one (or any other rogaine) or would like more information, please email Phil Whitten at