LaneCoveRivergaine3 - Teamlist

Team list as at  Tuesday, 21 February 2017
  Total entrants 366 Click here for category legend.
Team Number Team Name Members Category Family Novice Under 23 Course
1 Team T Tim Giles, Tim Butcher, Trinette Dunkerley XV 6 hour event
2 I be pro fun for all Chris Stevenson, John Clancy MV 6 hour event
3 Sarnians John Le Carpentier, Peter Le Carpentier M 6 hour event
4 Carley and James James Collier, Carley Finn XV 6 hour event
5 The Bush Turkeys Colin Burnett, Dianne Bergen, Amanda Mahony, Heather Mahony X 6 hour event
6 The Wilderpeople Hugh Percival, Damian Morris M Yes 6 hour event
7 3Rd Time Ian Dempsey, Peter Charlton MV 6 hour event
9 Dragonzo Paul Carruthers, Lucy Vowels X 6 hour event
10 Decelerating fast Alexander Cameron, Michael Minehan MSV 6 hour event
11 Butler Bush Bashers Stuart Butler, Nathan Butler, Jeremy Butler M Yes 6 hour event
12 Lost Mick O'flynn MV Yes 6 hour event
13 M Miners Jason Beddow, Ken Ford MV 6 hour event
14 Nikim Nick Greenhalgh, Kimberly Hammond XV 6 hour event
15 Navi-GAY-tion Joanne Lackenby, Nicole Willetts, Alejandro Co, Anthony Bate X 6 hour event
16 MAD hiKers Maninder Kaur, Alison Darcy, Virginie Chelles W 6 hour event
17 Gamma Rays Elizabeth Stewart, Malcolm Stewart, Miranda Stewart X Yes 6 hour event
18 Gaiter girls  Lisa Gyecsek, Monica Wong, Clinton Bradley X 6 hour event
19 Oz Wine Review Andrew Renwick, Andrew Graham M 6 hour event
20 Roadies John Anderson, David Dash MUV 6 hour event
21 The Queen Mother's Royal Danish Hussars Michael Roylance, Johnny Petersen, Peter Thomason MSV 6 hour event
22 RnR Roger Leigh, Richard Leigh M 6 hour event
23 The Goat Julie Pon, Conrad Xu, Xu Dong Feng X Yes 6 hour event
24 Walking Wacketts Emma Vaseo, Noah Wackett, Eddie Wackett, Robyn Walker X Yes 6 hour event
25 Nil By Bus Ann Newman, Chris Jackson XV 6 hour event
26 Team Eales Kim Eales, Nick Eales XV 6 hour event
27 Lara Phil Phillip Smyth, Lara D'abreo XV 6 hour event
28 I'm an Ultra Vet, Get Me Out of Here Graeme Hill, Warwick Selby MUV 6 hour event
29 Ann/Pam Pam Montgomery, Ann Montgomery WV 6 hour event
30 Aged to Perfection Kevin Jardine, Cathy Whiteman XV 6 hour event
31 Doneski Andrew Wisniewski, Saacha Donaldson XV 6 hour event
32 Dan and Mish Michelle Delaney, Dan Mclachlan X 6 hour event
33 Giordano/Chaffers Nick Giordano, Lauren Giordano, Mark Chaffer, Nancy Chaffer X Yes 6 hour event
34 Large Mocha Please Colleen Mock, Parissa Poulis WUV 6 hour event
35 Kamikaze Geoffrey Barnes, Phil Mann MV 6 hour event
36 LMBW Gordon Reynolds, Colleen Hattam XSV 6 hour event
37 Jo Jim Bob Bob Mcnairn, Jim Hubbard, Jo-Anne Buckley XV 6 hour event
38 Uni Boys Tim Austin, Joel Mackay MV 6 hour event
39 Savage Bridie Savage, Ekaterina Weisfelt, Trevor Savage, Nicole Weisfelt X Yes 6 hour event
40 Outlaw-er Jason Lawer, Lauren Lawer X Yes 6 hour event
41 Team Mounty Andrew Hill, Richard Mountstephens M 6 hour event
42 Where is mum? Chris Delaney, Matt Delaney, Luke Delaney, Kate Delaney, Zac Cato X Yes 6 hour event
43 Are we there yet? Ciara Smart, Georgia Buckley W 6 hour event
44 BBC&CBC Thais Turner, Barbara Jacquemin, Anthony Maxwell X 6 hour event
45 CLAP Colin Boldra, Paula Boldra, Loren Boldra, Annie Boldra X Yes 6 hour event
46 BJS Belinda Kenny, Jen Starling WV 6 hour event
47 BBCGirls Shannon Simonit, Rebecca Parsons WV Yes 6 hour event
48 Bushbashers James Stuart, Vicki Bennett XV 6 hour event
49 DAR David Green, Richard Connors, Andrew Palmisano MV 6 hour event
50 Dream champions Eric Smith, Ron Junghans MUV 6 hour event
51 Habibis Sandra Rogers, Peter Geelan-Small XSV Yes 6 hour event
52 D&S David Green, Sharon Lambert XV 6 hour event
53 Hansen feet Wendy Emerton, Chris Hansen X 6 hour event
54 MargnRob Rob Cook, Marg Cook XSV 6 hour event
55 In Last Place Thomas Whitehead, Lizzy Mee X Yes 6 hour event
56 Regainers Pete Richardson, Helen Beazley, Tanya Clark, Mark Spittal, Kath Gilbert XV 6 hour event
57 Sputnik 1 David Fallon, Lucy Morris XSV 6 hour event
58 Snail Blazers Belinda Scott, Robert Boonzaier, Renae Martin, Hannah Boonzaier, Reginald Boonzaier X 6 hour event
59 Sexy Striders  Katie Vicary, Andy Webb, Nathan Cowgill, Aidan Galovic, Lauren Perry X Yes Yes 6 hour event
60 North Newcastle Navigators Phillip Ryan, Steven Ryan M 6 hour event
61 Taptaptap, Badaboum & Flapflap Laurent Billot, Martin Billot, Jules Billot M Yes 6 hour event
62 The Rad Ramblers Ashley Vicary, Kit Docker, Noah Keys-Asgill, Robert Korber M Yes 6 hour event
63 The Pacemakers Nicola Le Couteur, Jason Mccall Power XSV 6 hour event
64 The Walkie Talkies Nicole Sellin, Sharyn Robins WV 6 hour event
65 The Elite Donna Dang, George Deak Harada, Steven Chan X Yes 6 hour event
66 Ukers Lynne Mcnairn, Martyn Robinson XSV 6 hour event
67 Tortuga Adam Carter, Geff Harper, Richard Furlong, Gary Farebrother M 6 hour event
68 The flying fowls Gill Fowler, Jeremy Fowler X 6 hour event
69 The Brentnall Bunch Lisa Brentnall, Mark Brentnall, Samantha Brentnall, Charlotte Brentnall X Yes Yes 6 hour event
70 What compass! Rhett Doyle, Frank Boys MV 6 hour event
71 Three Coves down a Lane Graham Field, Martin Dearnley, Chris Jones MV 6 hour event
72 De De Devine Fatiah Issa, Tyrone De Boick, Kerry Devine, Amelia De Boick, Aemon De Boick X Yes 6 hour event
73 Mross Andreas Mross, James Mross M Yes 6 hour event
74 Park-Kent family Anna Park, Adam Kent, James Kent, Thomas Kent X Yes 6 hour event
75 Kintans Paul Kinnison, Sharon Kinnison XUV 6 hour event
76 Team Platypus John Bulman, Chris Frain, Andrew Goddard MV 6 hour event
77 Ron and Sue Ron Hutchings, Sue Hutchings XSV 6 hour event
78 The Coyotes Martin Krause, Saxon Krause, Hamilton Thorley M Yes 6 hour event
79 The shagai chasers Jeremy Longworth, Victoria Laverty, Hamish Longworth X Yes 6 hour event
80 Yes We Cann! Michael Cann, Kristy Cann, Reuben Cann, Liam Cann, Tyler Cann X Yes 6 hour event
81 3 David Stanley, Mike Ward, Stuart Deane MV 6 hour event
82 Ave a go Diane Reeves WSV Yes 6 hour event
83 Ben Lomond Mike Hotchkis, Lee Coady M 6 hour event
84 Cheers 5 Cheers Jack Howard, Ella Baker, Andrew Baker X 6 hour event
85 Cremorne Chasers Stephanie Manning, Douglas Stead XV 6 hour event
86 FalconSt John Bishop, John Biddiscombe MUV 6 hour event
87 Got the runs Matthew Ryder, Shelly Nakamura X 6 hour event
88 Myee and Thomas Thomas Bisshop, Myee Allison XSV 6 hour event
89 Mum Hikers Tina Wilkie-Miskin, Bridget Whitehead, Moira Graves, Melinda Hamwood WV 6 hour event
90 Pandas Adrian Plaskitt, Jon Sayers, Stewart Smith, David Beardmore, Nicole Gallahar XV 6 hour event
91 The Coasters D Bearup, Angela Lonergan XV 6 hour event
92 Where's My Bike Malcolm Bradley, Catherine Wood XV 6 hour event
93 Team Gray Ian Gray, Bella Gray X 6 hour event
94 The Pyrenean Pair Pauline Evans, Helen Smith WSV 6 hour event
95 Thumpers Andrew Killen, Jessica Zhang X 6 hour event
96 Strudel Jurgen Spangl, Karin Mundsperger, Maya Spangl, Anuuk Spangl X Yes 6 hour event
97 Wrong Direction Niall Roche, Debhid Tipple, Eoghan Hurley, Michael Mctiernan, Alex De Greenlaw M Yes 6 hour event
98 Bert Bert Van Netten, Anita Bickle, Sue Beric XV 6 hour event
99 Giraffes on the Run Michael Meryment, Annalisa Meryment, Lachlan Meryment, Jacqueline Meryment X Yes 6 hour event
100 Maggie and Me Richard Smyth, Maggie Hart XUV 6 hour event
101 Mantis Shrimp Josh Fear, Erica Goatcher-Bergmann X 6 hour event
102 Hop2it Peter Hopper, Tshinta Hopper X Yes 6 hour event
103 LeLue Corinna Lueg, Susan Ley WV 6 hour event
104 Jess and Two Beards Take Two Jess Baker, Richard Green X 6 hour event
105 ForbesCastle Roger Forbes, Tim Castle MV 6 hour event
106 Cartophiles James Loxton, Paul Cooke MSV 6 hour event
107 Gnivrats Tracy Brearley, Gareth Brearley XV 6 hour event
108 People who can't walk no good Blake Ambrose, Shreya Shah, Daniel Chen, Sarah Chee X Yes Yes 6 hour event
109 Under Construction James Huang, Adam Vertsonis, Ghassan Fatayerji M Yes 6 hour event
110 Sydney Sole Sisters Yvonne Everett, Mary Coe, Marna Wainberg WV 6 hour event
111 The Budgie Smugglers Bart Vonhoff, Peter Preston M 6 hour event
112 Postobooks Andrew Lumsden, Debbie Byers, Kath Grant XSV 6 hour event
113 The Royals Andy Macqueen, Greg King MSV 6 hour event
114 Over the hills Richard Sage, Nihal Danis XSV 6 hour event
115 RPM Steve Ryan, James Mcquillan, Ondrej Pavlu M 6 hour event
116 Signupregret Coming Soon Nicole Mealing, Ellen Braybon W 6 hour event
117 Vonhubens Mark Vonhuben, Amy Vonhuben, Carl Vonhuben X Yes 6 hour event
118 The Walkers Julie Simpson, Adelyn Van Der Klauw, Max Rapold XV 6 hour event
119 MixedUp Kerry Emslie, Ross Emslie XSV 6 hour event
120 A walk in the park Tim Homel, Beverley Homel, Ross Homel, Caterina Kim X 6 hour event
121 A Team Isabelle Kopecny, Christopher Sharples, Evianna Sharples X Yes 6 hour event
122 Another Rogaine Andrew Haigh, Nicole Haigh XV 6 hour event
123 Glee Margaret Waugh, Hester Slade WUV 6 hour event
124 Fire Dragon Chih Yu Yang, Menghan Liu X 6 hour event
125 KinBen Scouts Max Chesworth, Alisha Woodruff X Yes Yes 6 hour event
126 Darwin Allstars Jeffrey Darwin, Tristan Darwin, Jason Darwin M 6 hour event
127 HSSS Hugh Stodart, Sam Stodart M Yes 6 hour event
128 EFJS Emily Fewster, Jamie Stodart X Yes 6 hour event
129 Magnetic South James Haydon, Peter Reichardt M 6 hour event
130 TeamMiddleEarth Azhar Khan, Winnie Pung, Jiefei Wang X 6 hour event
131 StuCameronJackHarry Stuart Will, Cameron Will, Jack Richardson, Harry Richardson M Yes 6 hour event
132 P & C Peter Morrison, Cathie Bradstreet XV 6 hour event
133 Plan B Lachlan Macdonald, Annette Macdonald XV 6 hour event
134 Treeopolus  Joyce Choucair, Kevin Kobrossi, Joel El-Melky X Yes 6 hour event
135 Vincents Robert Vincent, Lewis Vincent M 6 hour event
136 Muppetry James Leeds, Annelien Deceuninck X 6 hour event
137 Wayward Raywards Duncan Rayward, Anna Rayward, Bella Rayward, Will Rayward, Hamish Rayward X Yes 6 hour event
138 Outback Experience Andrew Duerden, Rochelle Duerden X 6 hour event
139 Meow Debbie Hotchkis, Sue Jackson WSV 6 hour event
140 Spur of the Moment Tristan White, Karen Jameyson X 6 hour event