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Annual General Meeting 2005

The AGM of the NSW Rogaining Association inc was held at the 2005  Metrogaine on Sunday 27th February.

President's report for 2004

2004 was another successful year in the history of the NSW Rogaining Association. The Association is in a healthy state financially and membership numbers remain strong. Six rogaines were held this year, organised by and enjoyed by our members.

Our rogaines

The first event of 2004 was the Metrogaine, held in the Hills district of NW Sydney. For me, it was an opportunity to explore a part of Sydney I had never visited before. Thanks go to organisers Paul and Bronwyn Batten for taking us there. The Metrogaine continues to attract the crowds to a very accessible style of event.

Our Autumn event was a 12 hour rogaine titled The Flamin' Quads - something to do with the likely effects of those steep hills around the Black Range in Jenolan State Forest. It was a fun event held in fine autumn weather, run by Sue Clarke and Walter Kelemen.
The Paddy Pallin 6 hour rogaine, on 20th June, attracted 660 participants to the Upper Colo north of Windsor. Great turnout, good course, nice country, fine weather, pleasant campsite, delicious food. As ever, this required an extensive organising team, led this year by Trevor Gollan.

Early spring saw us return to the Central Coast hinterland for the annual Lake Macquarie 12 hour rogaine. A great turnout again with more than 125 teams. Thanks again to Bert van Netten, mainstay of rogaining since before it was called rogaining!
The NSW Championships, our only 24 hour rogaine this year, was held in the Upper Hunter, based on the village of Gundy. Last time we were there was for the Australian Championships in 2000 and again Graeme Cooper created a challenging course and made a beautiful map. 

To end the rogaining year, we went back to the Central Coast, for a 6 hour event in the bush, streets, parks and beaches around Terrigal. Thanks to Mardi Beat and John Barnes for a great event.

World Rogaining Championships 2006

Our association has the honour of hosting the World Rogaining Championships in October 2006. It will be a great occasion for us and we have promised the International Rogaining Federation that we will organise the Best Rogaine Ever. We are planning a true bush event, making the best of what NSW has to offer. Plans are well under way, led by Alan Mansfield. We aim to involve as many members as possible in this great event, make it challenging for participants and enjoyable for all our volunteers.

NSWRA Committee

This year, the committee has welcomed several new members. Philip Groom joined us as volunteer coordinator. Philip has recently moved over from WA where he has rogained for a number of years. Deb and Paul Stein are our new equipment officers, and are providing a much-needed long-term home for our much-loved trailer. Graham Millar has taken on the task of publicity coordinator. Graham is working with the committee and event organisers to promote rogaining through the media.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank these new members. Also my thanks to all our long-serving committee members, Alan Mansfield, Julie Bacon, Tony Maloney, Ian Almond, Julian Ledger, Richard Sage and Graeme Cooper.

Their hard work in supporting rogaining, along with the help from our many event organisers and volunteers, makes possible this sport which brings so much pleasure to all our participants. 

Mike Hotchkis
NSWRA President

NSWRA Financial Statements for 2004

Statement of Financial Performance
Income Membership $15,842.00
Executive  $222.72
Stock $55.10
Events $71,186.50
Total $87,306.32
Expenses Equipment $1,626.94
Executive  $1,052.21
Prior Year Expenses $1,420.10
Insurance $6,034.00
Stock $479.24
Promotion $1,004.50
Newsletter $7,631.47
Events $54,323.72
Total $73,572.18
Profit (Loss) $13,734.14
Statement of Financial Position
  03-Dec-04 31-Dec-03
Assets $29,506.51 $15,772.37
Liabilities $0.00 $0.00
Equity $29,506.51


  1. Accounts are prepared on a cash basis.
  2. Profit for the year well above budget due to reduced insurance cost ($6k v budget $12k), no ARA levy, and a strong event calendar with all events running at a profit.
  3. Asset base is now in our target range to accommodate ongoing cash flow needs including WRC7, and provide a general buffer for any major event or equipment contingency.
  4. Current fee structures are expected to remain in place during 2005.

Prepared by AJ Maloney
Treasurer, NSWRA