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Lake Macquarie

23 August 2003

Event Report

The 12th Annual Lake Macquarie offered the choice of six or twelve hour events and attracted 347 rogainers (139 teams) to the Watagans, just west of Cooranbong. There was a mass start at noon on Saturday the 23rd of August with 60% (220 participants in 85 teams) entering the six hour event.

The forecast was for coastal showers and the weather bureau was 100% correct with the area receiving one shower from 2.00pm Saturday until about 2.00am Sunday morning. Most participants were well prepared for wet weather and appeared more concerned about the volunteers at the hash-house and tea and damper stops than their own comfort.

The short course was won by Arthur Kingsland and Malcolm Roberts with the very impressive score of 1710 points. While it was Malcoms’ first rogaine he did admit to previous orienteering experience.

At 9.29 pm, team 133 consisting of Toby Cogley, William Landers and Ian Stewart jogged in having collected every control, only to discover that team 88 (Mike Hotchkis and Shane Trotter) had preceded them by 48 minutes and also collected all 2160 points. The third team overall, Matt DeBelin and Michael Meryment were only one thirty point control behind while Andrew and Nicole Haigh, the first mixed team, collected 2110 points.

Cooranbong SES provided First Aid and emergency response, while they had to treat one torn muscle and a twisted ankle; fortunately no-one had to be rescued. Our safety and resupply team of Harry Goyen, Doug McCubben, Simon Williams and Tracey Colley did regular patrols of the roads while Peter and Wendy McConaghy moved from resupply to Hash House to assist the catering team from the Junior Orienteering Squad.

Dianne Van Netten co-ordinated the catering and was ably assisted by Kathy and Joshua Roberts, Kim and Jamie Van Netten, Bob Montgomery and Bruce Prince while Cheryl Todkill and Nettie Floyd spent many hours preparing food beforehand. The administration team of Fay Smith, Geoff and Margaret Peel, Greg Rowe, Ian Gilmore, Merle Goyen, Pat McCubben and Heather and Tony Dynon did a great job. Ian Gilmore also provided the photographs.

We would like to acknowledge the support and assistance received from Lake Macquarie Council and also State Forests and National Parks on whose land the event was conducted.

By Bert Van Netten (Organiser) & David Coysh (Administration)