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Flaming Quads 12 Hour Rogaine

 17th April 2004

The organisers report ....

Well, according to you guys it is an area well worth visiting - we've never had so many positive comments before. Or maybe Caesar and Ruby dealt with the complaints by themselves. No-one even got visibly upset about #90, which we readily admit, was in completely the wrong place, a fact which came to light when Walter took El Presidente Mike Sniff-Em-Out Hotchkis to collect it on Sunday afternoon.. Oops, but we never said we were perfect, (and certainly nobody else ever did).

Congratulations to all those who enjoyed themselves, and you all told us you did whenever we met you out there. Caesar particularly sends his congrats to Jesse, who tells him she would have done a damn sight better if she hadn't had to keep waiting around for those humans of hers.

Of course, none of this would have happened without our course-setting buddies - Richard, Nihal & Ruby, plus Chippy whenever work allowed, John and Mardi for helping to hang flags, Melvyn & Kathy for the seamless running of the admin, including fully checked results, in two days of the event being over, the Hash House team led by John and Jennifer, with help from Chippy, Sue (the other one), Paul, Alan & Sonia. After the event we had flag collecting help from many of the above plus Ian, and Marcelle with her Sydney Uni bushwalkers.

We enjoyed ourselves too, thanks to all the help we had, and your own good spirits on the day.

Sue, Walter & Caesar

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The Round up

The Hash House