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Spring Rogaine (8h) & NSW Champs (24h) “Gone W’rong” – Sat 7th october – Entries Closing Monday 2 October here...

The 2017 NSW Rogaining Championships returns to the western Blue Mountains, this time near Oberon. Andrew and Toni have set the course on plateau lands where the terrain is generally open native woodland with good visibility and reasonably fast travel.

They’ve set a championship course to challenge our best. But there’s choice for more relaxed and novice participants to plan an easier course with both 8 and 24 hour events on offer.

There will be a bus from Lithgow station to the event and return for $40. Entrants pay their own way by train from Central to Lithgow on Friday evening, departing Central at 15:18 (calling at Strathfield, Parramatta and Penrith – view the Blue Mountains line schedule on on Sydney Trains website for full details). Have a quick meal in Lithgow upon arrival at 18:05 and catch our bus to the event leaving about 19:00, arriving at the HH about 20:30 (no Friday night meal is planned at the HH).

The current timetable gets people back to Lithgow, to arrive at Central at 18:31 on Sunday night. (Still subject to confirmation.) It’s the safe, relaxed, way to and from the event.

World Rogaining Championships (Latvia) – Event Reports & Results!

A month ago, a few brave NSWRA members trouped to the tiny country of Latvia to compete in the 2017 World Rogaining Championships, in what sounded like a spectacular, if challenging, event.

The winning team, Janis Krumins & Andris Ansabergs from Latvia, were clear winners, scoring nearly 10% more points than the second-placed team. Janis and Andris travelled 120km (96.76km straight-line) according to the WRC website. Full results are shown on the WRC17 Website.

NSW participants that we know of are: Andrew Smith & Toni Bachvarova (97th, 13th XV), Andy Macqueen & Greg King (135th, 3rd MUV), Ciara Smart & Murray Pinnock (222nd, 5th XJ), Phillip Yates & Richard Pinnock (361st, 76th MV).

Ciara Smart wrote an entertaining account here, so that we can hear first-hand the trials and tribulations of Latvian country.

President's Message

Hello NSW Rogainers, I encourage you to get to the NSW Champs, with entry closing very soon. A 24-hour rogaine is a great way to getaway for a weekend, to keep fit, and explore new countryside. Even if you were at the 1997 or 2009 events in the same area as “Gone W’rong”, every rogaine is different, you will see new sights, and you’ll find fantastic, high-country walking. You should also read Chris Stevenson’s ten reasons for participating on our Forum.

Our 2018 calendar has been available for a while now, found here... As usual, we really need people to come forward and claim ownership of each event. Course-setting and coordination roles are key to every rogaine. Please consider if and when you can take your turn to create a unique event, and there’s always tasks for less-experienced rogainers to also contribute. If you have ideas for an area or you need advice on how you can help, talk to someone on our committee. We need your help.

In a similar vein - the NSW Rogaining Strategic Plan is due for a refresh and we’d like your involvement in setting directions for our sport. The current Plan is on our website here, if you haven’t read it lately. There will be plenty of time and scope for suggestions and comment (this is just a signal of the need to contemplate our future) but for starters I pose the puzzle, “Why did 50% of our participants only do one rogaine in the last five years?”

Talk/email me your thoughts, or chat with someone on your Committee.

Trevor Gollan
0408 230 593

Call for Volunteers

No Volunteers = No Rogaines. It’s pretty simple.

Volunteering is a great way to ensure the continual running of quality NSWRA events. If you think you can spare a few hours before, during or after an event please see the, volunteers calendar and if you’d like to put your hand up, or know more about roles, please get in touch with Graham.

“My fellow rogainers: ask not what your rogaining association can do for you – ask what you can do for your rogaining association.”

Tristan White

Publicity Officer

NSW Rogaining Association


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