G'day Rogainers,

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Step-Up Rogaine NSW Champs 24/8hr – 21-22 September – Last chance for Registration!" - Entries Close Monday night

The flag hanging for the next weekend’s “Step-Up” rogaine in Yengo National Park is about to commence, meaning that the sleeps to go before a (potentially) sleepless night are numbered. And with entries closing on Monday night there is no time to waste if you haven’t signed up!

Final Instructions are on the website here...

Why "Step-Up"?

Mt. Yengo is recognised as an Aboriginal Place. It is a natural feature of spiritual and ceremonial importance. Baiame, a creational ancestral hero stepped down from the sky, and jumped back up to the spirit world after he had created all of the mountains, lakes, rivers and caves in the area. Baiame flattened the top of Mount Yengo when he jumped skyward and the flat top is still visible today.

And, that’s why we have named this Rogaine the Step-Up Rogaine…. Plus, we’d love to entice you to try a 24 hour rogaine.

You can read more about Mt Yengo here...

Have you thought of entering the Step Up rogaine as a family?

About half of the course was set in the company of a 7-year-old including some of the high pointers.

This year’s course offers a lot of easy walking in flat valleys covered with grass that can be easily linked by cutting across open spurs and ridges. It is a good chance to score a State title and trophy or more importantly a rogaine mug… especially if you are the only team in the family category! Trust the course setters who secured their only victories by default. The HH is centrally located on the course offering many options to do one loop on Saturday, come back to the HH for dinner, sleeping and breakfast before doing a second loop on Sunday.

The course setter Vivien will be at the registration desk until the start to answer any question you have about the suitability of your planned route for children.

Kiddy-gaine on Sunday morning

There will be a 1-hour Kiddy-gaine for Sunday morning so you can enter the 8-hour event and have another go on Sunday on a short loop and a map at 1:2500 scale. Or adults can enter the 8-hour event and then take their support crew on the Kiddy-gaine course. Every participant will get a certificate!

Justine de Remy de Courcelles shows how it’s done

ARC2019 – 9-10 November 2019 – Entries Still Open

Entries are still open for the Binalong Day & Night Rogaine on the East Coast of Tasmania. It is great to see so many “Waratahs” going down, but we would love to see more.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my discussion with coordinator Peter Tuft for more insight about the area and why you should get yourself down.

Tristan White
Publicity Officer
NSW Rogaining Association