G'day Rogainers,

NSW Rogaining eNewsletter, 3rd October 2020

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Compiled by Tristan White

Lake Macquarie Rogaine - Entries Now Open (17th October)

With the easing of the restrictions for regional sporting events by the NSW Government, we are pleased to announce that at this point the Lake Macquarie 12 and 6 hour rogaine will go ahead as planned. With so many cancelled events this year, we are super excited as we count down the days to this great annual event. Longtime NSWRA stalwart Bert van Netten (pictured below) is once again setting the course, ably assisted by Pam and Bob Montgomery.

The start will be at The Pines Campground, Watagans.

The event features include towering slash pines, ridges and spurs of open dry eucalypt forest, and gullies of moist temperate rainforest. There are rock strewn moss lined watercourses and several waterfalls and box canyons on the map. Some beautiful sandstone caves are on the map and lyrebirds, wallabies and a myriad of little finches have been seen by the setters.

In keeping with our covid policy, any event that is cancelled due to health risk issues will result in a full refund to all entrants; likewise any entrants who cannot make the event due to illness or other covid-related restrictions will receive a refund, so please do not let this deter you from signing up!

Any significant updates will be shared in following newsletters; you can also check the website and Facebook page for more updates.

ACT Rogaining Championships (31 Oct -1 November)

Our friends in the bush capital have informed us that the 24hr ACT Rogaining Champs, planned to be held at Yanununbeyan NP, within an hour of Canberra CBD, are set to go ahead, should no additional covid restrictions be enacted. As a traditional 24hr rogaine is a very special and unique event, we strongly encourage our crowd to head down, particularly as the cancellation of our own event will mean it is likely the only one of this duration that we’ll be able to enter!

The event will be set by well-known ACTRA duo David Baldwin and Julie Quinn who will no doubt put on a challenging but enjoyable event for everyone to enjoy.

Get into Gear Part 7 – Packing in a Section on Bags.

Unless you have arms like an octopus, the single most important piece of equipment to have for a rogaine is a good backpack, because without one, it is near impossible to carry the bounty of other essential gear to keep you dry, fed, warm or cool for many hours.

Just like almost every other piece of equipment used in a rogaine, there are no bags specifically manufactured for rogaining, people have different views about what works best. I have enlisted the help of several rogaining long timers to share their own views and experiences.

You can check it our here...

Tristan White
on behalf of the NSW Rogaining Committee