G'day Rogainers,

NSW Rogaining eNewsletter, 30th April 2022

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The Return of Real Rogaining

With so much cancellation and disruption in the last two years we have had little opportunity to go rogaining. By “real” rogaining we mean:- off-track, in the bush, both day and night-time … as the sport was originally envisaged.

This in no way belittles the efforts of our competitors in the first two events this year, at Cherrybrook and North Sydney, but without serious navigation challenges they are more like fun runs (or ultramarathons depending on your fitness.)

So get out your compass, headtorch and spirit of adventure … we have a series of events planned through the cooler seasons, starting with the Garland Valley 12-hour only a week away. Read about upcoming rogaines below, and watch for Coming Events on the NSW website.

Another “real” rogaine occurred recently on the ANZAC weekend, with the ACT Championships in northern Kosciuszko National Park, near Yarrangobilly. Our contingent from NSW tackled the high country plains in exhilarating weather, and did a marvellous job. Full results can be found here, but we should highlight the top five teams, all from NSW:

  1. Gill Fowler & Phil Whitten, 4330 points
  2. Andrew Brown & Richard Mountstephens, 4030
  3. Ronnie Taib & David Williams, 3880
  4. Ivan Koudashev & Xanda Kolesnikow, 3670
  5. Tristan White & Mike Hotchkis, 3470

It’s great to see the metrogainers transfer their skills into the bush-dark, notably Richard who won the Minigaine and Metrogaine, Xanda who won the Minigaine solo, and Andrew who could’a-won the Minigaine.

More regular NSW rogainers(*) who deserve honourable mentions are:

  • Toni Bachvarova & Andrew Smith, placed 10th, 2nd in Mixed Veterans
  • Chris Stevenson & Julian Ledger, placed 15th, 4th in Supervets
  • Nicole Mealing & Jo Daly, placed 21st, 2nd in Womens
  • Rick Cavicchioli & Tassia Kolesnikow, placed 23rd, 1st in Mixed Supervets
  • Richard Sage, Nihal Danis & Dom Pitot, placed 24th, 2nd in Mixed Supervets
  • Su Li Sin & Brett Roylance, placed 26th, 9th in Mixed Open
  • Pamela & Bob Montgomery, placed 38th, 2nd in Mixed Ultravets
  • Sonia Kupina, Alan & Ingrid Mansfield, placed 41st, 18th in Mixed Open

(*) This list is extracted from the 24-hour results, without access to people’s addresses, and inevitably will have missed some other NSW participants. It also prompts a question: What do you call a group of NSW Rogainers? Someone or something who searches day and night, long distance, through the bush… Goannas? Razorbacks? Echidnas? How about - the NSW Blackthorns? Kookaburras, Wallabies & Eagles have already been taken by other sporting groups. Send suggestions to publicity@nswrogaining.org.

(Julian Ledger at Hains Huts, ACT Champs. Photo by Chris Stevenson)

12 & 6 hour Autumngaine, Garland Valley, Saturday 7th May, Entries Close Monday at Midnight

Garland Valley was the site of the 2013 NSW Championships. It’s classic rogaining country – some farm clearings, relatively open bush and no big climbs.

Where’s Garland Valley? It’s on the Putty Road, 100km north of Windsor and 140km from Newcastle.

Both 12 and 6-hour contests will start at midday on Saturday. You are welcome to camp on Friday night and encouraged to camp Saturday night, with the Waitara Scouts supplying satisfying meals Saturday night and Sunday breakfast.

6-hour Paddy Pallin Rogaine, Sunday 19th June, Entries Opening Soon

This year the annual Paddy Pallin Rogaine will be near Bargo, about an hours drive from Liverpool. It’s Sydney sandstone bush on the edge of the Blue Mountains, not too big, but with plenty of physical challenges.

We have yet to determine all the fine details but you can expect bush camping on Saturday night.

Thanks to Vivien de Remy de Courcelles who has volunteered to set the course. For a while it seemed we would not have the 59th Paddy Pallin Rogaine due to lack of volunteer organisers.

Look out for the event website, coming soon.

NSW Championships, Gundabooka NP, 24-25th September Entries Open

After two Covid-cancelled attempts at running our Champs near Bourke, we are very excited to finally actually stage the event. It’s five months away, but we want to give you early notice.

Gundabooka National Park is 800km from Sydney CBD, which means 9-10 hours driving. It’s not viable for us to provide transport – sorry, you will need to work that out among yourselves.

But then, it’s the start of the school holidays, it’s a special area, very different to any previous NSW rogaines, and we hope many people will take the opportunity to explore north-west NSW.

If you want an experience you will remember the rest of your life, then get planning, get your entry in and be in Gundabooka in late September.

Find us on Facebook and Strava here.

Trevor Gollan
on behalf of the NSW Rogaining Committee