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On the results page you will see a link to Google Earth. When you click on this link (or the one above) it will download a file called "event.kml". If you open this file with Google Earth you can see a picture of routes taken by each team, similar to the one below which was the overall 6hr mixed winner, David Baldwin and Julie Quinn's route.



The 6/12 hour Autumngaine is in Tarlo River National Park about 30km north-east of Goulburn, starting at 12 noon on Saturday 21st May. It is inaccessible country due to private land surrounding the Park, hence you will probably never get here again. This unique event will start at 12 noon on Saturday 21st May 2016.

There have been four rogaines previously in Tarlo NP, starting with the 1987 Australian Championships (one of Bert Van Netten's masterpieces) at Greenwich Park. Mike Hotchkis and George Collins organised a 24-hour event in 1998, and the ACT rogainers have run a 12 and 24-hour since then.

Limited public access is from the south, which is where previous rogaines have been based.

Trevor Gollan has spent many, many days negotiating with the local farmers to get into the wilder, northern section of the Park, an area that very few people get to explore. It's remote. You may be 3-4km from the nearest road, something that doesn't happen often, anywhere, in NSW.

And it's great walking country ... steep hills, pleasant creeks and open forest bordering the 40km-long Tarlo River gorge. But note there are options for easier-moderate walking near the hash house, for those that don't need two kilometre bearings across spurs, gorges and scree slopes.

According to National Parks, mammals recorded in the park include the eastern grey kangaroo, common wallaroo, swamp wallaby, red-necked wallaby, common wombat, platypus, water-rat, brown antechinus, short-beaked echidna, greater glider, sugar glider, common ringtail possum, common brushtail possum, whitestriped mastiff-bat and lesser long-eared bat. We've also seen a lot of feral animals, especially goat, pig and fox - and a small flock of escapee sheep from one of the nearby properties.

National Parks have asked us to look out for koalas and a separate goal, as course setters, has been to sight platypus which tends to involve gentle time spent quietly by the river. Trev succeeded one evening last month, and perhaps you too can do so on the Tarlo, but pick dawn or dusk and a spot away from those other (noisy) rogainers.

It's a fairly long drive to get there: about three hours from Sydney, just under two hours from Canberra. The nearest services are 15-20 minutes away in Taralga (cafe, pub, B&B's) and Goulburn (petrol and full 24x7 services). Otherwise you can camp Friday and/or Saturday nights at the Hash House. The Waitara Scouts are providing dinner Saturday night, and breakfast Sunday morning if you choose to camp which we strongly recommend for weary 12-hour participants.

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Vivien de Remy de Courcelles


Who can enter?

Like all NSWRA rogaines, anyone can enter within a team of 2 and 5 people. If you are under 14 years of age on the day of the event there must be an adult in your team.

By entering this event you become a member of NSW Rogaining Association unless you are already a member of another state rogaining association. Your NSWRA membership will last for 12 months from the date of this event.

Competition Categories

This event offers the normal age/gender based categories plus a "Novice" and a "Family" category.   See Competition Categories for more details.

Entry Fees

Full $60
Concession $42
Child < 14 years Free

The Concession rate applies for ..

  • Anyone between 14 and 22 years of age
  • Full time students
  • Unemployed
  • Pensioners

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