Rogainer of the Year Competition Rules

Points are allocated to all competitors in each category of an event as a proportion of the winners’ score (i.e., maximun event score is 100).

In addition, if you volunteer at an event, you’ll receive 75 points for each event up to a maximum of two events. To be eligible you must meet the same conditions as for "Rewarding our Volunteers for free event entry".

The categories are ...

  • Open
  • Men
  • Women
  • Junior
  • Under 23
  • Veteran
  • Super Veteran
  • Ultra Veteran

Category definitions are here.

Events will be weighted to encourage participation in our longer bush events. The weightings are ...

  • 24 hr event (full weighting, i.e., the allocated points x 1).
  • 15 in 24 hr & 12 hr (.75).
  • 6 hr Metrogaine & Socialgaine (.5).
  • 3 hr Minigaine (.25).

Competitors’ final annual score will be the sum of their best five weighted event scores. There are currently seven events each year.